Build and edit your family tree; completely free!

Genea is a privacy by design and open source tool anyone can use to author or edit their family tree. Your data is formatted following the GEDCOM specifications so it can be exchanged with other genealogy services. All processing is done in the browser, leaving you in control on where to save your data, avoiding any type of vendor lock-in.

You can use Genea both on your mobile devices as well as on your desktop. The changes you make are persistently stored on your device. To work on your family tree from multiple devices, you can either save the GEDCOM file when you are done and exchange it for example via e-mail or a cloud service like Dropbox, or you can use the built in Git integration which lets you store your work in any private or public repository.

Build and edit your family tree

Create a new family tree from scratch, or start from a GEDCOM file previously exported from other services like MyHeritage, FamilySearch, or Ancestry.


Explore Genea with these sample trees.